Wedding Breakfast Music

Wedding music during your wedding reception breakfast offers a superb way to put your guests at ease and in the mood you want them in, paving the way for sparkling conversation.

You may want to create a mood of elegance and timeless romance, in which case ratpack may be right for you, alternatively you may want a more contemporary feeling of love at your wedding so todays well known ballads may suit you better. My wedding specialists experience can help you decide what genres would be right for the mood you want to create, just ask me for friendly guidance.

Not sure what to go for at ? As your Wedding Reception DJ, I can tell you that a very popular solution is to start classy and formal then move into the fun and relaxed styles as you work your way through each course of your mouth watering wedding breakfast.

I call this a gradient of genres that builds anticipation and excitement in the minds of your guests, pointing to your eagerly anticipated wedding reception party later on in the evening as you draw ever closer to it.

What mood will you create?

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