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How to fill your Dance Floor

“What Music Do You Play?”

Once the dust has settled on your newly engaged status you’ll have your party to plan. When it comes to music, where better to start than with Terry Lewis, 4x award winner including 2014 Best National Wedding DJ.

The evening reception can make or break your wedding and the concern most couples have is their dance floor will be empty so how can this be avoided?

Terry who is available for UK and overseas weddings says “It begins by focusing on the couple, I often get asked ‘What type of music do I play to make sure everybody has fun and the floor is full?’ and my answer is always the same.

“It depends on the music you and your guests love to enjoy because it’s your big party, not mine and I want to deliver an atmosphere that you and your friends and family will love – It really is all about you.

View songs like your best friends!

“So tell me the songs and genres you love the most, it’s also important to know what you dislike so I can focus on the perfect wedding DJ set for you.

“This allows me to match the right floor filling hits to you and your guests setting your reception up for a night to remember.

Terry had further advice to give saying “To look at it another way, view songs like your best friends!

“We all have different ones right? Well imagine walking into your wedding reception with your newlywed by your side, and not knowing anyone in the room – would you feel a little isolated and disconnected from the atmosphere? Probably, and if as your wedding DJ, I play unknown songs or weak hits your friends will be hoping for something they love, start to get bored and they may even make their excuses to leave early as a result.

How to fill your dance floor

“Now imagine walking into the same room but this time every single person is a good friend you know and love; they greet and hug you making you feel excited to be there – well  these are the feelings and atmosphere we will create by playing the big hits that your friends and family recall from school, college, university, parties, holidays and other past celebrations you’ve enjoyed! You see it’s all about connecting back to past brilliant memories and your current favourites.

“The end result is everyone will embrace your wedding, have more fun and create new memories you will treasure forever, all because you chose a wedding DJ who cared enough to discover the personal songs and genres your closest friends and family really love to dance to.”

Interview by Kara Stanton – The Enquirer

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“Hi Terry, you played at my friends wedding in March earlier this year, you were one of the best dj’s I’ve heard and had everyone up dancing and played to the crowd and just knew what to play, it’s shocking how many bad dj’s there are if only I knew about you on my 30th, that dj had to be the worst EVER and actually nearly ruined it, so obviously I really don’t want one like that for our wedding, I’m getting married in April we’v only just booked it and I’m really hoping your free and able to do that evening. Look forward to hearing from you, many thanks.”