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Is the Sky The Limit?


When I won my first Best Wedding DJ in the East of England with an average score of 9.63, I was delighted. But when the dust settled I remembered an interview that Hussein Bolt gave shortly after smashing the world record.

His interviewer praised him but Hussein Bolt said

“I can still go faster”…

I could not believe it! Here was the fastest man on the planet thinking he could do better!!

During an interview in Australia, Russell Crowe was being being quizzed as to why an Oscar winning actor had an acting coach to which Russell replied

“If I thought I was any good I would not need one.”

Now I am no Bolt or Crowe, but if the best in the world continuously seek improvement, who am I to think a few awards mean I should relax and take it easy?

You see my belief is the day I fold my arms and brush the dust off my shoulder and think I have nothing more to learn will be the day my performances decline, and I don’t want that, which is why I'm still hungry to better myself…even if by only 0.01.

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