Wedding Civil Ceremony Music

Hi Terry, Gotta say we had an amazing day – The music was perfect – you made Ian cry an awful lot!! I can’t wait to see the video as lots of things I have forgotten. The only thing I can remember in the ceremony is hearing Etta James as I walked through the door – it was an awesome feeling….Thank you.


Plan your Civil Ceremony Music in 4 Chapters

1. Prelude:
This chapter of your marriage is all about love and anticipation for your imminent wedding, so create an atmosphere of romance with music of your choice as guests gather.

Depending on your style and the mood you want to create, your favourite classical pieces or love songs most meaningful to you will be perfect for this part of your day.

As a guideline, up to 30 minutes of emotional music will be needed for your prelude.

2. Procession:
Imagine having your Page Boys, Flower Girls and Bridesmaids precede your entrance along the aisle to the song that means so much to you both, followed by your all time favourite ballad for your entrance theme as you make your grand entrance up the aisle.

Deepen the personalisation by starting both pieces from the most poignant section of each track for maximum emotion.

Your music will softly fade as you align at the front with your husband-to-be.

3. Signing the register:
The mood and atmosphere is still very much about romance at this point so select love songs of your choice as you sign and pose for photos. The registrar will invite you to sign first, then your witnesses will join you, finally guests will be invited to take personal photos of just the two of you.

For this chapter of your wedding choose personal favourites that played an important part in your relationship because this will movingly connect your emotions to the occasion.

Three songs are normally enough but it’s a good idea to have a fourth song in reserve, just in case.

4. Recession:
At this point you will be making the transition into the celebratory phase.

Imagine feeling elated, literally glowing inside as you return down the aisle, to happy smiling faces, finally married to the love of your life!

Guests will just want to clap and cheer for you so match their feelings by playing a jubilant hit to mirror everybody’s mood, including your own.

Above all, choose a song personal to you both and really radiate through your moment because it will be one of the most exciting feelings you will experience all day.

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