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How your day could flow

Guest arrival 

Background music will float out at conversation volume to warmly welcoming guests as I help you meet and greet them.

You won't have to worry about directing everyone to soft drinks, nor where to leave their wedding cards and gifts; I'll take care of that for you.

At the appropriate time, I'll invite guests to take their seats either on the bride and grooms side, if you want to follow tradition, or mixed seating if you're of the view that you'll be one family at the end of the wedding!

Neither will you have to concern yourself about asking guests to silence their phones; I have a humorous way of doing that to get everyone on board. Your celebrant will then take over to conduct the wedding.

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Drinks, canapés and photos 

Your venue will likely schedule 1½ - 2 hours for this part of your wedding. To speed things up, I'll get the next group of guests waiting in the wings allowing your photographer to focus on the current shot, so you can seamlessly flow through your group photos without having to hang around.

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Create excitement with your
Grand Entrance, Pearls of Wisdom, Mr & Mrs
and Centrepiece Games

Fill your Grand Entrance with vibrant energy, as you make your way to the Top Table to the soundtrack of your choice while being cheered on by friends and family swirling serviettes above their heads.

As starters are served, guests are invited to complete a Pearl of Wisdom; it's the perfect ice-breaker because it creates laughter and eases conversation with guests who have just met.

Play the Mr & Mrs Game in-between courses and keep everyone entertained. I'll give guests an A4 card with 'Mr' printed on one side and 'Mrs' on the other; I'll invite everybody to hold up the Mr or Mrs side as they see fit in reaction to questions I'll ask, as the bride and groom you'll get to answer last by holding up your cards, much to the amusement of everyone!

The Centrepiece Game is a hilarious interaction of misdirection, making it the perfect conclusion to your wedding breakfast. The aim is to convert your meal into an unforgettable experience of fun, laughter and excitement BEFORE you've even opened the dance floor!

All these fun interactions are optional, and at no extra cost.

You may like this beautiful reaction from a couple I served

Hi Terry,

I’ve been putting off writing this email for a while, because I didn't quite know how to put into words our gratitude for all you did for us in the lead up to our big day & on the day itself.

Quite simply, we don’t think our wedding would have been quite the same without you! You went above & beyond the call of duty & we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone for your DJ or Master of Ceremony services.

As you know, I in particular was very stressed leading up to the wedding due to problems we were having with our venue with communication & with the timeline for the day. You took the time to speak to us on numerous occasions to find out exactly what we wanted for our day, guiding us with your wealth of knowledge & experience. You then stepped in & communicated with the venue directly, so that the stress was completely taken out of my hands. After knowing that you were dealing with the situation, I felt completely at ease & it made such a difference having that weight off my mind when there was so much else to deal with in those last few weeks.

On the day itself, you arrived early & came to see me & I genuinely felt that you were as excited as us to be sharing in the occasion.

Throughout the day you were on hand for anything we needed or any questions we had. You spoke to the guests & made them feel welcome, you co-ordinated everyone for pictures & ensured that we had all of the group shots we wanted, you communicated with our bridesmaids & ushers wherever necessary & generally did anything that was needed so that our day ran smoothly. Even when the pianist got up & left 30 minutes before he was due to during the wedding breakfast, you immediately stepped in with some background music so that the atmosphere was maintained.

The evening party was fantastic, because you made sure that there was something for everyone. You intuitively knew when to play what songs, without us needing to say a thing. We’re also thankful that you slipped those extra couple of songs in at the end when no-one wanted to leave.

Throughout the day so many of our guests commented on how fantastic you were, from the day guests who you co-ordinated & managed in an entertaining way, to the evening guests who you greeted at the door & welcomed to our reception. Everyone kept asking ‘who is Terry’, and were shocked to be told ‘Terry is our DJ’!

You did all of this with a huge smile on your face. In fact, I can’t remember a single time during the whole day seeing you without a smile on your face. Your passion for the job is clear for everyone to see.

You were a negotiator, an organiser, a host and most of all an entertainer & we can’t thank you enough for all you did for us.

Mr & Mrs Scott xxx


If you need a passionate professional who genuinely cares about the success of your wedding, I'd love to hear from you

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Photo credits to rossharvey.com and uk-weddingphotography.com for use of some of the images on this page.