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Terry Lewis

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Barbara & Jane's Reaction

Dear Terry,

Well, it’s a month now since our special day. Jane and I are back from our honeymoon and slowly catching up on things. Hard to get back to work and laundry after being a princess for two weeks. But the feeling of love and the amazing memories still float through our days and in our hearts. Hard to express how beautiful and deeply meaningful our wedding was to us both. The love and joy seemed to just swirl around us all…

… and so much of that was because of you!

Terry, we are so grateful that we found you. Your presence, smile, professionalism, steady calm, guidance, not to mention your first class MC talents just made our day everything it was. We knew when we met you that we’d be in the very best of hands and indeed we were. Because of you, we could relax, and enjoy and just ‘be’ present and in the precious moments, and for that we will be forever thankful. You are a star and we hope a new friend.

Sending love and thanks,

Barbara and Jane


Morning Terry, We both don’t know how to thank you for how amazing you made our special day.

I have had so many compliments about you and the music you played. I don’t know how you did it, but the mix of Jewish, Russian, party classics and modern rocked and everyone was commenting on the fact that the dance floor was full non-stop for hours on end!

You deserve all the good publicity and word of mouth you can get! Please feel free to add me to any list of references you have and I’d be happy to sing your praises to any potential new clients.

You really are a star and our day couldn’t have been any better! Thanks so much and the video clip is so great.

Happy weekend and hope to party with you soon! Perhaps we can crash the next event you’ll be spinning at?

Tuvia & Roger


I've done many same-sex weddings over the years, including England Ladies footballer Dani BuIt.

To find out how I will make your same-sex wedding fizz with excitement

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