Wedding Master of Ceremonies


“Skill, talent, charisma, humor, fun and genuine care.”
Clients words, not mine.


“It is amazing how many guests have asked us whether you are a personal friend – it was clear to everyone that you really put your heart and soul into making our day special, & for that we are very grateful. The MC-ing was excellent.”

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I specialise in ‘The Seamless Flow’

Beautifully organised transitions, based on informality, fun and emotions. If you want your wedding guests informed in an entertaining way and so they know what to do next, you need ‘The Seamless Flow’. Here‘s what you’ll get:

    • I’ll liaise with suppliers and venue staff to keep your wedding timeline on schedule.
    • Assist your photographer to efficiently get guests on and off set.
    • Organise your receiving line.
    • Seat guests in my own unique way (classy & elegant, enquire for more).
    • Stage your grand entrance  to the sound-track of your choice and serviette waving, building energy and excitement into your wedding.
    • ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ (A brilliant ice-breaker, enquire for more).
    • Keep your guest book circulating.
    • Smooth assistance with the giving of gifts and flowers.
    • The ‘Centrepiece Game’ – A hilarious way to close your wedding breakfast and transition into the evening reception.
    • Preside over your cake cutting ceremony.
    • Introduce your 1st dance.


The success of your wedding and your personal wishes will be at the heart of everything I’ll do

I’ll take care of all your organisational concerns so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying your wedding, to the point that I promise you will leave feeling like nothing on earth could have gone better, or your money back, and with a 100% satisfaction record, you’ll have every reason to fizz with excitement, just like the couples below…

  • I’ve Had Toastmaster Training

    I had no intention of becoming a toastmaster. Their formalities, tradition and regiment are the complete opposite to my natural style; but I did want to learn about wedding ceremony and etiquette because I knew their wealth of knowledge would provide me with the timeline essentials to create a better flow at your wedding.

    So I took the training, then stripped away every ounce of formality, tradition and redcoat theatre, replacing it with informality, fun and emotion, because I realise that’s exactly what you want.

  • I’ve Had Master of Ceremonies Training

    Mark and Rebecca Farrell run the worlds leading wedding focused Master of Ceremonies training. Together with an elite group of wedding professionals, we flew them over from the States to immerse ourselves in the art of Master of Ceremonies.

    The transformation I went through contributed to producing some of the results you’ve read about on this page; and why you can confidently set high expectations for the outcome of your brilliant wedding.

  • I’ve Had TV Presenter Training

    I took a course at Pinewood Studios. I never wanted to become a TV Presenter, but I knew this skill would help me connect to your wedding guests in a confident, stylish and likeable way, with the ultimate goal of delivering a stellar performance on your wedding day.

  • Would You Like This Unique MC Fusion At Your Wedding?

    My service is not based on one style, it is a personalised fusion of all the above. A 100% uniquely masterful delivery that I’ve honed to perfection.

    If what you’ve read on this page reflects what you want for your wedding, I’d love to hear from you today.

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